What is a God-Moment?

When something happens in our lives and we can’t really explain it. — that’s a God-Moment.  Even if it is just for a second we know that something greater than ourselves has touched our lives.

It can be a peace that washes over us in a difficult time, it can be an answer when we’ve searched long and hard, it can be a prayer that saves a life. Many times we don’t recognize God-Moments right away.  Sometimes thinking back on a situation we realize that what we experienced days, weeks, months or sometimes years before was a God-Moment.

When these moments happen, it is important that we share them with one another. Because when we share these moments with one another, the experience not only touches our lives, but the many lives who may never experience this before.  Our experience can offer others hope and reassurance.

We call them God-Moments because they are of God. God is in them. Even if we don’t recognize them as such right away, when we do see God in our life then time seems to stop, or at least stand still – for a profound moment.

God promises us that He is with us all the time, God is constantly acting in our lives.  The neat thing about a God-Moment is that we notice where God is acting and we can identify it as such.

It’s easy to let life pass us by without acknowledging the blessings that God gives to us, but if we take the time and actively look for God in the world, we are more likely to witness Gods love and grace in our lives.

We are beyond blessed to have a caring, loving God who is constantly at work in our lives. So please, take moments to appreciate what God does for us each day and in each area of our life.

Be Blessed!


The purpose of #GM52 is to take one photo a week, surrounded by a theme and post it online.  When I think about the business of my life, I realize how much I am missing around me.  However, if I take the time and intentionally look for the beauty God has created for me.  I am amazed by God’s wonder and grace.

So I invite you to unplug and look around you.

I invite you to see the wonders of God in, with and under everything you do.  It can bring you closer to God and to those you love. Also, unplugging, allows your brain to finally catch up with the information you have been taking in day after day, week after week.

Take some time every day to unplug and look around, to pray, to talk with a loved one, to see the beauty of this world…. For 15 minutes, For one hour,For a morning or an afternoon.

During this time, do whatever you need to refresh, recharge, slow down and open your eyes to the world God has made for you!!  During this time, turn off Facebook feeds, twitter messages, turn off your phone and close the lid on your laptop and explore the world around you.

Later, when you return to your ordinary powered up life, take a photo that reminds you of that time you spent unplugged.

And, if you must take a photo with your phone during your break, go ahead. But just one and then power it down 😉

Each week I will provide a devotional for you to read that relates to a theme to get you thinking.  Once you have the picture, share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #GM52

Week 1 | Early

Week 2 | Begin

Week 3 | Daily

Week 4 | Early

Week 5 | Unplug

Week 6 | Embrace the Moment

Week 7 | Notice the Details

Week 8 | Say Yes

Week 9 | Try Something New

Week 10 | Get Outside

Week 11 | Savor

Week 12 | Make Connections

Week 13 | Mind Your Words

Week 14 | Honor Your Body

Week 15 | Act like a Child

Week 16 | Seek Out Awe

Week 17 | Quiet Your Mind

Week 18 | Pay Attention

Week 19 | I Will Not

Week 20 | Trust Yourself

Week 21 | Pray

Week 22 | Slow Down

Week 23 | Make Space

Week 24 | Family

Week 25 |  Simplicity

Week 26  | Senses

Week 27 | Mentor

Week 28 | Find the Good

Week 29 | Living

Week 30 | Arrive

Week 31 | Love

Week 32 | Embrace what Matters

Week 33 | Playful

Week 34 | Breathe

Week 35 |  Joy

Week 36 | Peace

Week 37 | Stillness

Week 38 | Cross

Week 39 | God

Week 40 | Time

Week 41 | Kiss

Week 42 | Enjoy the Journey

Week 43 | Art

Week 44 |  Gratitude

Week 45 | Flower

Week 46 | Sunrise/Sunset

Week 47 | Hobby

Week 48 | Lead

Week 49  | Thankfulness

Week 50 | Seasons

Week 51 | Believe

Week 52 | Endings