Ebook Response

Thank you for reading my ebook.  Here are the questions asked in the ebook.  Please take some time and answer them in the comment section below.

  1. What are the jars you would like to leave behind, trading your past tragedies and present challenges for the living water Jesus offers? How can leaving them behind change your life?
  2. When do you feel like God is close to you?  When do you feel like God is far away from you? What does it mean to you that there is someone (God) who is always there for us?

  3. What does it feel like to be loved?  Who do you love?  Who loves you?  How do you know?  Where do you experience the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus? 

  4. How does God keep you close?  How do you listen to God?

  5. How is God transforming your life?  How does God give you strength?

  6. How does God make you feel valuable?  How does God love you?  What can we do in response to that love?