Created to be me

Created to be me: Grilled Cheese for the Soul

Camp Calumet: Just mentioning the name of this place so many consider home- a place for spiritual renewal, an opportunity to rest, a chance to laugh, a place to meet God again – brings a sense of joy and possibility for so many people. Camp Calumet is that place where we’ve discovered ourselves, learned what it means to be called, “Child of God” or discovered that long desired acceptance. It may have happened while you were sitting alone by the lake or hiking in the woods. It might have been through the laughter of your cabin group, the depth of a bible study, or knowing there will be grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch on Monday

God has worked in many and various ways by the shores of Lake Ossipee. Sometimes that sense of certainty has come in one powerful moment, and sometimes those moments can repeat themselves. They come in different ways and at different times. However, one thing that is certain is that many of us have a story to share about how we came to know ourselves as part of God’s creation while spending time immersed in the Spirit of Calumet. We have a personal story of faith that exclaims, “This is who I was created to be!” 

 We all have stories inside of us waiting to be shared. We’d like to invite you to share that story with us and others who come to Calumet. We’re compiling 365 stories of how you discovered how you were “Created to be you” while at Camp and how the Spirit led you in sharing your discovery back home. We would like to hear how you carry that Spirit into your daily living, your home congregations, your communities or your family. We will publish this as part of a year long devotional to enable people to relive those moments throughout the year, to bring the spirit of God home and share that spirit with the world. We invite you share your story and suggest a piece of scripture that reflects the heart of your faith story.

 Please choose a piece of scripture that is important to you and your story. Of course, there will likely be instances where people choose the same piece of scripture. If that happens we will offer another suggestion and work with you until we find scripture that fits your faith story. As we put all the submissions together we may edit your piece so they will flow together. You will be contacted about any changes.

Sharing your story, inspiring others to embrace the Spirit in their daily lives is easy. Simply download the form at the bottom of the page and email it or snail mail it to the places in the form. 

We thank you for your generosity of participation in this project.  Submission of a devotional story indicates your willingness to allow us to include your story and reprint without payment or copyright fee.
If you would like to participate but have questions or concerns feel free to comment below.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

 Peace and Grilled Cheese,

 Sara J. and Joe


Name: Sara J Anderson

Years and involvement at Calumet: Three year resident camper, 11 plus years as a staff member, current board member.

Home Congregation: Christ the King Lutheran Church

 Created to be Me: A Prayer offered

Scripture: Mark 11:24-25

 Reflection: How did you discover what it meant to be “Created to be me” at Camp and (this is the really important part) how did the Spirit lead you in bringing that home with you?

 The sun is warm on my face, sand shifts and settles beneath my crossed legs, campers form a circle around me. Lake Ossipee gently laps the sandy shore as the cabin group my co-counselor and I lead gathers for Discovery time. It is an opportunity for bible study; conversation, questions, and usually an activity that helps us better understand the theme we’re exploring for the day. There is silence, as my co-counselor stares at me like a deer in the headlights. In the midst of our conversation about Respect for the environment a camper has asked, “one of those questions”. The kind of question that makes 17-year-old counselors stutter and choke and then pray for the best. Mary said, “If all of us are praying, how can God be there to hear all our prayers, all over the world.” I too may have looked like a deer in the headlights. I wasn’t sure myself of an answer. I wanted to give this young girl a way to imagine God as capable of hearing her prayer. I knew at ten she needed something at least a little concrete. I had no idea what to say and so, on a prayer I began.

Drawing a picture of a stick figure in the sand I asked her to imagine that the figure was she. Then I drew a circle in the sand a little further away and asked her to imagine the circle was another cabin group who was sitting on the beach as well. She nodded saying she could imagine it. Then I said, “Now imagine the sand is like God. God isn’t another figure standing trying to move between the two, God is all around us, just as these figures are drawn into the very sand, made in the same image.” That small little camper said, “oh” and with her question ‘answered” she smiled a grin that went from ear to ear. Suddenly, the conversation took off like wildfire. The campers began making connections, seeing God in the lake, the trees, recognizing then how everything is a part of God, God’s creation. It was a powerful moment.

Calumet is the place where as a shy catholic teenager I discerned my call to ministry. It is the place where I met and married my husband but of all the many powerful moment that moment by the lake stays with me. In that moment with my cabin group, I didn’t just answer a young girl’s question. I realized how powerfully connected I was to God. I was powerfully aware of God’s presence and willingness to listen, to everything we have to offer. I was awe struck by the truth that God surrounds us. It meant that I could never and would never be alone. It meant that the wonder of that moment would travel with me from the lake side, to the city, from camp to home, from the outdoor chapel to the many places I would worship. It means that wherever you and I go, God goes with us. All our prayers, big or small, soft or loud are heard by God.

Prayer: God grant your children, a voice to praise you, confidence in your gifts, assurance of your presence and exuberance in their sharing. Amen

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Grilled Cheese for the Soul