Work With Me

I have worked in full time ministry for over 20 years.  I have served as a youth director, camp program director, hospital chaplain, pastoral intern, prison chaplain and pastor.  I love serving people and helping them become the best version of themselves while they deeply connect with God.

I have learned that as a leader in the church we have our ups and downs, our good days and bad day. 

I believe my calling is to support those in ministry by helping them overcome limiting beliefs they have about their ministry abilities or limiting beliefs about what they can accomplish in their ministry.

I know what it is like to struggle in ministry.  I have worked too much, I have been yelled at, I have been told I am a bad pastor and even a bad person.  I have faced times of burnout and depression.

I also know what it is like to thrive in ministry. I have learned what is necessary to create change that lasts and I have applied it to every area of my life. 

I have lost over 75 pounds. I have a strong relationship with my wife and children and I have hobbies and interests that connect me with people outside of the church and I find happiness and joy in all that I do.  

I want to help you live the life of your dreams, to do the ministry work God is calling you to do both inside and outside of your ministry so you don’t become overwhelmed and burned out by the day to day tasks of ministry.

Below are the products and services that would allow us to work together.  I am excited to get started.   

One-on-One or Group Coaching

I offer one-on-one coaching/mentoring for 6 to 8 clients at any given time. If you would like to discuss this option of working with me, please complete the application form linked below.

Mindset Ministry Mastermind

A mastermind group is a small group of people, who meet on a consistent basis, where every member of the group is committed to the success of every other member in the group. In the Ministry Mindset Mastermind, you will benefit from the education, experience, influence and even the resources of the others in the group.