10 Apps for Ministry Leaders

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As a parish pastor I have a lot going on every single day of the week.  In order to keep my life and my ministry in order I need help.  That’s why I rely on digital tools to stay on top of appointments, meetings and to do lists. I was able to take my digital tools to a whole new level in 2006 when I got my first smartphone (the Palm Treo 650).  It had an astounding 24mb memory and a .3 megapixel camera.  I was in heaven.  I never felt more productive and I knew this was the wave to the future. The best part for me was the integration of my phone and my calendar, no longer did I have to carry two devices (a phone and Palm Pilot) around; everything was integrated into one device. Eventually this lead to the iPhone (I got my first in 2008) as I transitioned out of seminary and I took on my first position as a pastor and I have remained an Apple Fanboy ever since. Over the years I have tested many, many, many apps.  There have been some that I have used almost everyday since I downloaded them and others that I have deleted after only a few days of testing. I would like to share with you 10 apps that I currently use that have enabled me to succeed in ministry and to stay (somewhat) organized. Fantastical –  This is my calendar app.  This is integrated into my […]