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Welcome to my blog!!  My name is Joe McGarry and I am the Pastor of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Kensington, CT.  Click here to listen to some of my sermons.  Click here to watch my sermons on Youtube.

I love my job as a pastor because I believe I am about to live out what God is calling me to do in the world.  I serve a multi-generational church and we are able to build important, life giving relationships with one another. Through these relationships we learn our faith story, we connect with one another, we discover our unique gifts which enables us to live our best life.

Preaching at Monument Park in Gardner, MA

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My Family September 2014

My Biography

I have been a part of the church as long as I can remember.  As a child I was active in Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Rutland, Vermont as president of the youth group, assisting minister and choir member.  As a teenager I joined the staff at Camp Calumet in Freedom, New Hampshire; I was on the summer staff for ten summers.

I participated in various ministries while in college.  In 1999 I joined the year round staff at Camp Calumet and was with them for three years.  At Calumet I helped plan, and host retreat for churches all around the New England Synod. It was at Calumet that I felt my strongest call to ministry.

I left Calumet in 2002 and joined the staff at Hope Lutheran Church in Reading, Pennsylvania as a Youth Director, After School Director, and Assistant Music Minister.

In 2003 I finished my degree from Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota in Youth Development.

In 2004 I entered the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.  While in seminary I worked as a Youth Director forGood Shepherd Lutheran Church in Southampton, PA and St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Telford, PA.  I did a year’s internship at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Red Hill, PA under the supervision of The Reverend William Vanderslice. I also completed a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education as a trauma bay chaplain  at Cooper Hospital in Camden, New Jersey.  I graduated from LTSP with a Master’s of Divinity in 2008.

I was called in 2008 to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Baldwinsville, New York at their pastor.  I spent a little over five and a half years at St. Mark’s.  I was involved with many ministries in the church and in the synod including Vanderkamp, Lutheran Campus Ministry at Syracuse University, the Candidacy Committee of the Upstate NY Synod and the Baldwinsville Chamber of Commerce.

In January 2014 I accepted a call to Faith Lutheran Church in Gardner, MA.  I began my ministry at Faith on March 9, 2014.

I left Faith in June 2018 and was called to serve Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Kensington, CT as Pastor/Redeveloper.  I serve and live with my wife Katie and my two children Logan and Addyson.

In my free time I enjoy watching New England Patriots Football, UCONN football and basketball.  I also enjoy playing my guitar and blogging.

Here are some links to some newspaper articles I have been featured in:

Evangelical Lutheran pastor ordained in Lysander

Blessing of the Pets in Baldwinsville

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This my personal blog. The opinions that I express here do not necessarily represent those of the church in which I am called, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, the New England Synod or the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. The information I provide is my opinion only. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog.  I may borrow, beg, steal to get some information but I will do my best in giving credit where credit is due.

8 thoughts on “About Pastor Joe

  1. We/you have quite a task in front of us/you. I believe that in order to be truly effective in our ministry/mission we need a complete overhaul. Especially in the area of our attitudes. A large task indeed. Are you ready to embark on this adventure?

      1. I’ll try. But it’s really not a matter of keeping up but one of simply getting on board with this fantastic journey and staying on for the long haul. You see being a church so steeped in tradition it’s hard to truly do something new. But as Jesus says “You cannot pour new wine into old wine skins.”

  2. Dear beloved servant of God,
    Greetings to you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ our savior and redeemer.
    Am pleased to inform you that I have visited your web site and seen the wonderful work God has given you to fulfill for His Kingdom purposes Glory and blessings!
    We are a group of Christians,who gather together for fellowship to praise and worship God.Am writing you from Kenya (Africa) our ministyry’s aim is to pread the true and pure Gosple of Jesus Christ. Since we do not have enough resources to make the work of God expand and reach the many people who have not been reached by the Gospel ,It is my humble request and prayer that you may give us moral support of both physical and spiritual to enable us reach and restore our dear sisters and brothers who have not been reached by these good news.We need you to be our spiritual parent.

    Humbly and Kindly if our almighty God would allow you and open your hearts, we are attached in this work you are doing in the lord for building God’s bridge to enter the Kingdom, to unite one spirit with you and further the Kingdom.Hope to ,hear from you.


    Pastor kombo

  3. Hello,
    I am the art director for Living Lutheran. We will be posting a link to “Two Bald Pastors podcast with Bishop Eaton” on Nov. 13. We would like to use the photo of you “two bald pastors” and Bishop Eaton to promote the link. I need your permission to use the photo and a digital file of the photo. Would you be able to provide those two things.

    Michelle Goodman
    Manager, Graphics and Artistic Direction
    Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
    8765 W. Higgins Rd., Chicago, IL 60631-4101
    Tel: 800-638-3522 ext 2546 ▪ Direct: 773-380-2546

  4. Sobre todo original, sin duda, porque no todo el mundo se atreve a casarse con un vestido de ese color. A mí desde luego me encanta!La verdad es que el lugar es inarbpaocmle también, la capilla al lado del mar y con un día de lujo.Y para no desentonar con todo lo demás, las fotos también son originales, preciosas. Como siempre, con mucho encanto, Roy.

  5. Lui au moins hésite, ce qui est au moins un signe d’humilité (d’intelligence?) dont vous semblez dépourvu. Qui sommes-nous pour « aider » les Américains dans le choix de leur dirigeant?

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