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Welcome to my website!!  My name is Joe McGarry and I am the Pastor of  Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Kensington, Connecticut.  The video is of my latest sermon or you can click here to listen to some of my sermons.

I love my job as a pastor because I believe I am about to live out what God is calling me to do in the world.  I am a redevelopment pastor.  This means I serve both the church and the community in rebuilding a church that has struggled in recent years.  My job is to build important, life giving relationships with others. Through these relationships we learn our faith story, we connect with one another, we discover our unique gifts which enables us to live our best life.

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I enjoy sharing my life and ministry on Facebook. I post funny and insightful memes, share my sermons and encourage you in your life and ministry

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I occasionally vlog about my personal transformation. I talk about my ups and downs in life and ministry. If you want to get an insight about my life and ministry check out my vlog

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I have three podcasts that you can listen too on a regular basis. The first is my sermon podcast. I have recorded my sermons since 2012. The second is the 2 Bald Pastors Podcast with my friend Geoff. The third is my newest podcast The Joe McGarry Show.

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